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Program "Library Business"
It is intended for full automation of library funds and creation of electronic libraries

 System characteristics:
1. The program interface in the state English, the Kazakh, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
2. A network variant, with unlimited number of connections.
3. The convenient and simple interface. Adjusted templates of target documents.
4. Complete support of the Russian,Kazakh, Ukrainian languages (spelling, search, the reporting, qualifiers).
5. Fast information search in a database.
6. The system supports reference integrity of information base.
7. Installation on the working computer with the minimum technical characteristics.
8. Warranty service and the further support ON.
9. Converting of data from the previous library systems.
10. Accessible cost of a programm (more ...).
11. A free demo (more ...).
The basic modules of library processes:
1. Drawing up of catalogues (alphabetic, regular). Print the basic and additional bibliographic cards, the book data card.
2. Formation and the account of book fund, fund of magazines and newspapers, AVD, fund of time storage etc. Inventory the account of copies.
3. Conducting books of the total account, a diary of work of library (their automatic filling), automatic formation of index LBC, UDC.
4. Conducting the module of a database of readers, attendance of library.
5. Receipt book editions, leaving from fund.
6. The maximum information search in a database (group, contextual, sliding, heuristic).
7. Export of reports to format Excel of tables, the Word of documents.
8. Spelling of the text of English, Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian languages.
9. The statistical reporting the form "library Activity”.
10. Database administration.
11. Fund Export-import to format UNIMARC, RUSMARC.
12. A network - a search component. Data exchange between libraries. (An example: www.kosstu.kz/biblio)
13. Creation of full-text a variant of a table of contents (maintenance) of books, magazines and newspapers.
14. Provision of books. The analysis of library fund by means of diagrammes.
15. Support of technology of stroke-coding.
16. Creation of electronic library of books, articles and other documents.
17. The periodical press order .
18. A calendar of significant dates, a calendar of events.
For the additional information and order registration address:
"KostanaySoft" LTD
phones: +7 (7142) 54-49-77, +7-771-429-7077 
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